Bridal Jewellery Sets

Kymond & Co are a Melbourne-based, Australian-owned online jewellery boutique offering brides-to-be who are looking for perfectly stunning jewellery and accessories affordable options. We’ve got bridal jewellery sets that will highlight and enhance your natural beauty, including elegant necklaces, exquisite earrings, lovely hairpieces, and more!

Whether you’re aiming for glamour, sophistication, and style, or you’re going for a minimalist yet elegant look that will take everyone’s breath away, our wide collection of bridal jewellery sets has that coveted ‘wow’ factor. Our designs range from fine and dainty stone earrings to classy Audrey-style necklaces, from stylish hair clips to gorgeous floral statement hairpieces, and more!


Something New

Kymond & Co is happy to provide you with that “something new” piece as we have the latest, carefully curated, exquisitely crafted bridal jewellery that will leave your guests with a styling impression they’ll remember. Check out the complete bridal sets we have which include a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet of distinct designs ranging from simple and elegant to sophisticated and blinged up.

What makes our jewellery collection even more of a welcome surprise is that it’s affordable. There is  something to wear for every special occasion that leads up to your special day! They’re all made to bring the beauty out in you! With so many opportunities leading up to the big day to glam up, bridal shower, engagement, hen’s night, to name a few, a range of pieces to choose from is great.


Feel Happy Now, Stay Happy Later

Our jewellery collections are made from high-grade rhinestones, cubic zirconia, and sterling silver. Materials that will last you a long time, especially when they’re taken good care of. A jewellery care instruction card is included with purchases to help you live your best jewellery life.

Rhinestones as costume jewellery have remained popular since the 1920s. Even more so now as they are used for statement jewellery pieces like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Cubic zirconia is as durable as diamonds but not as expensive! Sterling silver is a metal that’s hypoallergenic and durable, making it a perfect jewellery piece or a setting for your precious and semi-precious stones.

You’ll be getting bang for your buck with beautifully designed jewellery, carefully curated for fashion and beauty.